Hi, and welcome to the first Clique blog!

When we rebranded this year, we wanted to celebrate the singular identity that bound all we do at Clique. At the core of that identity, we discovered, was the fact that we wanted to work with you to make more possible. We took that to heart and now want to let you in on all we’ve been upto. All, that we’ve been making possible.

Possibilities is where we’ll discuss latest changes in the industry and offer notes on how it will affect the region and us.

We’ll tell you a bit about all that’s keeping us busy and also share some #mustread pieces that have inspired us. We will also shamelessly put the spotlight on one of our awesome team members, so you know who’s behind the awesomeness.

Here, the content will be served just as expected of our times: super quick and super easy. Go ahead, skim, scan or, maybe, read every word.

Industry NotesGoogle Adwords
changed. Again.

Google Adwords changed. Again.

The two latest Adwords products Customer Match and Universal App Campaign are intended to help advertisers tap into everyday consumer micro-moments. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

Customer Match will help advertisers show ads to users that have already interacted with the brand. In other words, the update allows for remarketing on Google, except that Customer Match is a user based targeting tool.

The update is also Google’s attempt towards custom audience targeting through email where brands with emails of existing consumers in its CRM, can use it to advertise to the said customers on networks like YouTube, Search and GDN.

Universal App, the second update is perfect for novice advertisers or app developers who want to drive app installs through Google. The only catch- Google takes all control in setting up the target group or bids, so the advertiser has nothing to do except to pay and watch the magic happen.


Customer Match: The new setup is ready-to-go if the brands are ready with their email lists.

In fact, it enhances the capabilities of an advertiser by increasing the marketing scope to use the CRM database to re-market and to expand to a new user base using a "Simi-lar Audience” option.

Universal App: Be cautious of the effectiveness of an ad campaign through this update. Though, it takes into account cross-network-promotion and will show ad impressions on YouTube, Search and GDN combined, the advertiser has zero control over channel management and measuring channel effectiveness.

What have we been up to?

Kansai Nerolac has chosen Clique Interactive to design and develop its website and mobile apps in India. Stay tuned for more.

Mentos Arabia recently revealed their latest bottle with 72 gums. Clique Interactive launched a digital campaign for the brand that talked about the everyday things we wish would never run out. The campaign included three short films and a website with a message that best captured the product- whether you might run out of luck, excuses or compliments, with 72 gums in a bottle, you’ll #NeverRunOut of freshness.


Say hello to our ever quirky and always in charge Head of Design, Pallavi Adhikari.

What time did your alarm ring & how many times did you hit snooze?
5:30. I am a morning person. I tend to wake up easily.

Your life before you leave for work?
My day begins quite early. Starting with getting my son ready for school, then myself so I can go drop him. Dragging my son and my husband out of the house on time is the biggest task of the day. I either find time to squeeze in breakfast or squeeze breakfast into a small lunchbox that I can carry.

You made it to work! What’s the first thing you do?
My mailbox works harder than i do. So, I go get my coffee while it populates itself with all that is there to do.

What’s a regular day like?
I have no idea because no two days at work are the same.

Time for a break! What do you do?
I take a stroll around the office and pretend to indulge in light conversation with my team. What they don't know is I manage to get a glimpse of every-thing they're up to in the process.

Any tunes playing while you work?
Music from the other side of the office which I then fight off with my more powerful speakers and better music choices.

What's for lunch?
Boxes of all sizes. Most of the lunch I pack is to be shared.

That to-do list on your desk never ends. How do you deal?
I smile and wave. Use phrases like fudge this ship.

After work activities?
I spend time with my son, take out all my stress at the gym and then look forward to what the next day has to offer.