Clique began in 2008 out of a makeshift office in an apartment in Dubai.

It all started with a clichéd story of two friends with an idea, getting together.

Five offices, four companies and four countries later, we thought it’s time to make a change in our thought process. It was time to put a face to the foundation we spent six years strengthening.

And so we decided to rethink, reinvent and rebrand ourselves.


We asked the teams across all the offices a set of simple questions and spent hours jotting down their musings on brand Clique, the direction it should take and suggestions for change.

We mulled over what would make working at Clique better and, by extension, make Clique work better.

Finally, drawing inspiration from these conversations, we got to work on developing our new brand and a renewed vision.


When Clique Communications Group began, it was home to Clique Media, Deviate Interactive, 5thBar and Plus7.

We merged Deviate Interactive and 5thBar to create Clique Interactive, and launched an incubation arm, Clique Labs, to host Plus7, Aftermarket and other future Clique products.

A stronger singular unit, Clique now comprises of Clique Media, Clique Interactive and Clique Labs.


While we grew in the UAE, we built a team of 45+ in India. We pitched and networked our way to a diverse group of clients & partners who added to our expertise.

Yet, our hearts remained digitally wired and our hunger for a good challenge, as always, insatiable.


Why the icosahedron?

Our logo, our philosophy, our vision.

This unique shape represents what inspires us, and what we aspire to be as a company and as individuals.

Both the company as a single integrated unit and all of us separately have many sides, many skills, many talents and many aspects to our personalities. At Clique, we nurture and value each one of those skills no matter the job profile.

Whether it’s a brand, a client or even our in house talent, the icosahedron represents all that they are, all that they have achieved and, at the same time, all that they can be. Every side of the shape unveils an asset while giving an overview of all that still holds potential.

This shape helps us look back at all that we’ve accomplished and simultaneously reminds us that there is a long way to go.

And frankly, that is what makes us whole.

This is Clique.

A collective of curious minds capable of making anything possible.